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Welcome to the music shop Thelonious.

Hi there!

You are on a web page of a music store "Thelonious". Is it your first visit? If the answer is "Yes" please take a few seconds to read a quick overview of our activities and proposals below. Otherwise use the navigation to go directly to the section of your interest. Please note that while a complete English version of is not currently available major information about the store, our goods and services is translated.

The music store "Thelonious" offers "second hand" CDs and LPs. We have a particularly vast selection of jazz and classic rock albums as well as Russian and Lithuanian (rock and folk) music. Some rare items can be ordered for you on demand. Please go to įrašai (recordings) to start searching in our extensive database.

You might be interested in our audio and video section (Aparatūra). We mostly sell used items but every piece of equipment is checked by our specialists; we give a guaranty. Second hand from Thelonious is a way to obtain a really good sound for a reasonable price. Our experienced staff is always ready to give you assistance in making the perfect choice to suit your needs.

We can buy from you CD and LP recordings, used stereo and video equipment, etc. Our services include repairing of old stereos. If your amplifier or speakers stopped working correctly we can help to find and eliminate the problem.

And the last thing, Pop-music terror provoked us to react in adequate way. Music store Thelonious is proud to announce our Concert activities. We have organized and carried out a number of memorable performances by big and truly creative musicians.

Sonny Rollins, one of the all times greatest jazz musicians left us the following message:

Thelonious is a place for dedicated music lovers, fans with years of listening experience behind and those who make their first steps along this path. We love different things – jazz, blues, rock, experimental and classical music. We don't like only one genre – music created with the only purpose – for sale.

1996.09.30 - birthday. That day an old vault in the center of the old town opened the doors to greet the first music lovers. The shop was called "Second Hand Music Store".

1997 m. - the shop was renamed "THELONIOUS". Time was passing… visitors turned into customers; customers – into good acquaintances and friends.

1998 m. - our website was launched. Number of our friends grew considerably; grew the amount of pictures – signed portraits of our favourite musicians on brick walls of the shop. We grew up as well.

2003.08.19 - a significant event happened in Thelonious's life — Piotr Mamonov accepted our invitation and arrived in Vilnius with his mono play "Chocolate Pushkin". It was the first step in a new direction — organisation of performances of our most admired artists - the beginning.

Thank You to all who have supported us in this exciting and not easy journey!

We love music.
We can't live without it.
Our shop is for all those like-minded.